I’m helping my dad rewire our rental house and it’s hot and sticky and generally unpleasant


Pastel flannel for all your soft grunge autumn needs.

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Proto outfit. I may go with my red turtleneck instead, and not screw up the scarf so much.

smells like paint

opal-inu replied to your post: sometimes I feel I’m between the rock …

I’m white, cis and heterosexual and I can’t say shit in this website. :|

it’s not that you can’t say things, it’s that you have to consider your position when speaking up about issues that don’t affect you.

it can be friends with fucked up whale

there was another fucked up orca there but it wasnt quite fucked up enough to come home with me.

Found this dolphin at five below. It exudes extreme disapproval.

sometimes I feel I’m between the rock and hard place of “don’t speak up about issues that don’t affect you” and “don’t let casual racism/sexism/ableism etc. slide when you hear it from members of the privileged group you’re in.”

I am a white, cis, neurotypical, physically able asexual woman. I want desperately to do right by the people I care about but I get mixed messages sometimes, from both people I know personally and people I don’t. In the past I’ve sometimes made an ass of myself about these things and I recognize that I should have handled it better but such incidents have made me unsure about how I should handle similar ones in the future. 

I don’t want to do nothing even though I recognize it’s not my place to speak for groups I’m not a part of. but isn’t part of trying to change things getting people on your side?