can we pls acknowledge that there are not just sex-repulsed people but romance-repulsed people?? pls? thanks

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i must protect my sensitive chest raisins

i like this top, maybe someday I will get to wear it for something besides unflattering webcam photos.

I’m so irritable today and I don’t know why.

I’m having a hell of a time drawing anything lately

russianwolfzero replied to your post:
They look like they should only be used for plants as a terrarium.

Yeah that’s really the only plausible use for them. They’d make good herb gardens.

I had a dream about sexy animal crossing pigs ????

Everybody please send sweet messages to yiffytwink, I would appreciate it

So apparently the company I work for sells the Bio Bubble, which for those unaware, is touted as being a habitat appropriate for any animal despite being so small it’s guaranteed to kill almost anything you put in it.

I wonder if I can somehow bring up the fact that we’re stocking a totally unethical product with whoever controls what we sell. I don’t have high hopes but I may as well look into it.

Also me calling Miles ‘Waylon’ for most of it because I got their names mixed up.